Collection: Fouta Towels: Woven Cotton towels as Versatile as you can imagine.

Introducing our Fouta Hand Towel Collection

  1. <FOO-TAH>Means Towel in the local dialect of Tunisia, North Africa.
  2. Made from 100% cotton that supports even the US Cotton industry.
  3. All thread is Dyed before weaving providing fade-resistant colors
  4. Woven with traditional styles and techniques supporting an age old industry. 
  5. The weave provides a breathable fabric that can dry quickly
  6. Cotton can absorb up to 25% its weight.
  7. Weaving repels sand, unlike traditionally looped towels.
  8. Hand Looming has progressed to mechanical looms to keep up with demand.
  9. These towels can be used in the Bath, Beach, Table, Travel, gift, and so much more.
  10. Supporting women with work: All towels are Hand-finished with Twisted Tassels, or sewn.
    Cotton Fouta Towels similar to the Turkish towel