About The Weavers Door



We, Erin and Vivian, started The Weaver's Door after a trip to Tunisia with friends to help Vivian's husband's family with the Olive Harvest. While there, we were able to see the olive oil making process from hand picking to pressing and seeing first-hand the handcrafted olive wood home goods Tunisians are so proficient with making.

The majority of the 82 million olive trees in Tunisia produce olives for olive oil production. As the olive trees age, they stop producing as much fruit and when they have reached the end of their fruiting lives they are marked and cut down for olive wood production. The wood grain is beautiful on its own, but the durability, simplicity and harvesting practices honed from centuries of experience made us want to share these products with others.

While we were there, Jamal, Vivian's husband, shared the history of his family’s business of over 40 years in weaving. His family wove the traditional fabric worn by women in his hometown of Sayada. The doors of a weaver’s home were always open, welcoming passersby to stop in and talk shop with the head weaver, to bargain, or share a cup of tea.

It is with that sentiment of an open door, we came up with the name "The Weaver's Door", signifying a welcome to all of you to come in and talk, share a bit of the culture of Tunisia and take home a memorable piece or 2 from your travels to The Weaver's Door.